Who we are:

Livon Physical Therapy offers a personalized hands-on approach to Physical and Occupational Therapy. Your evaluation and treatment will be performed in a comfortable, friendly, environment by a licensed therapist highly trained and experienced in manual techniques.

We believe that during rehabilitation, the patient should be educated by their therapist in order to be able to maintain maximum flexibility and pain-free living long after our work ends.

Our therapists have successfully worked with all types of injuries and we work on patients of any age. We have specialized programs for youth athletics as well as seniors. Please see our services page for more information.

We'll help heal your body.

Knowledge - Experience

One to One Treatment

15608 FARMINGTON ROAD, Livonia, MI 48154

  • Phone 734-744-9236

Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic

  • Fax 734-744-9237

How we work:

  • We look for the cause of the problem rather than treating the symptoms.
  • We discuss our patient's goals so that expectations are met.
  • We communicate with our patient's health professionals, as needed, to ensure that care is seamless.
  • We ensure that you receive the same kind of care that we would expect if we were to be in need of the same services.

What we do:

  • We take time to listen to each patient's story. 
  • Our hands assess how the body is moving.
  • Our clinical reasoning determines which structures are at fault.
  • We use the appropriate approach to restore proper movement.
  • We educate patients with personalized exercise programs to hasten recovery and teach them strategies for self management to hasten recovery and prevent re-injury.