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Rajiv Chhabria, PT, DPT
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Rajiv Chhabria, PT, DPT

Rajiv graduated from Calcutta University – India with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree and from the University of St. Augustine with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree. In the past 20 years, Rajiv has had the pleasure to work in several different settings including skilled nursing, sub-acute rehab, and inpatient and outpatient settings. He enjoys treating the clients with orthopedic diagnoses. Rajiv uses a very eclectic approach in the management of the clients he treats, with emphasis on functional outcomes.

Rajiv is fluent in Hindi, and was born in the city of Bombay, currently known as Mumbai. During his free time, Rajiv enjoys spending time with his family, working in his yard, working on home improvement projects, and working on improving his golf game and skills with his DSLR. He enjoys listening to music, watching TV and movies, traveling and reading mostly non-fiction.

During his career Rajiv has strived to continually learn and grow in a wide spectrum of clinical areas as well as leadership development with the organizations he has been with to be able to serve his patients, and his staff with the most current and proven treatment methods to enable his clients and staff to Live On !

Courses include:

Outcomes in Wound Management – Bonnie Sparks, PT
Restraint Reduction and Fall Prevention – Deborah Ohl and David Bailey
Introduction to NDT and NDT in Action – Jan Davis, OTR
Myofascial Release I – John Barnes
Strain Counter-strain for the Spine – Jones Institute
Aquatic Exercise in Physical Medicine and Athletic Rehabilitation – Swimex
Mobilization of the Nervous System – David Butler
Orthopedic Rehabilitation of the Knee and Shoulder – Terry Trundle, PTA
Current Concepts of Knee and Shoulder – North American Sports Medicine Institute
Muscle Energy Techniques for the Extremities – Fred Mitchell and Jay Sandweiss

Leadership Curriculum at Gerber Memorial Health Services

Hartman Value Profile Training – Gerber Memorial Health Services

Intro to Vestibular Rehabiliation – Great Lakes Seminars
Intro to Spinal Evaluation and Manipulation – Stanley Paris and Jim Viti (University of St. Augustine)
Extremity Evaluation and Manipulation – Tobi Fox (University of St. Augustine)
Advanced Evaluation and Manipulation of Pelvic, Lumbar and Thoracic Spine Incl. Thrust – Michael Irwin (University of St. Augustine)
Differential Diagnosis (Online Course, University of St. Augustine)
Medical Diagnostic Imaging (Online Course, University of St. Augustine)
Charging Scenarios for Therapy – Rick Gawenda
Muscle Energy Techniques for the Lumbopelvic Region – Fred and Kai Mitchell and Jay Sandweiss
Evaluation and Treatment of the Lumbar Spine and Pelvis – Mark Bookhout, PT

The Basics Of Sacroiliac Mobilization  – Great Lakes Seminars
Essential Skills for the New Leader – St. Joseph Health System
Leading with Zing – Zingtrain